The best product on the market to re-paint the bathtub and all health care and much more.

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pitturare vasca bagno

It does not require application of funds, or sanding is sufficient cleaning of the substrate to remove lime scale and soap residue.

A possible sanding may be required in areas where there are clear spots due to the continuous drip of water.

The CERAMIZZANTE exists in two versions, white or transparent, transparent to restore shine to colored health who have lost their luster.

The tub is a particular environment, subject to the overhang of hot and cold water temperature, as well as detergents. Upside CERAMIZZANTE forms a totally impermeable film and resistant to oils and fats, resistant to hot water up to 55 ° C and abrasion of detergents.

The final aspect is similar to ceramics for your health.

The product is certified HACCP, therefore suitable for environments where food, for this is also great to paint the tiles or the top (the shelf) of your kitchen, the cabinets, the refrigerator, the washing machine and much more.

It adheres directly on the ceramic as well as also on the laminate, melamine, formica, sheet metal, stainless steel, iron, copper, fiberglass, glass ...

A ceramic heater-looking? The CERAMIZZANTE is ideal.

The product is odorless.

In convenient packs 250 and 100 ml

CERAMIZZANTE Driving Upside for enameling health
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Ceramizzante Sottosopra white and transparent

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