VETRIFICANTE vitrificator 250ml - 500ml

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SottoSopra Vetrificante (Vitrifying) has the final aspect of a real glossy lacquer with an exceptional ceramic look. Offer high resistance to abrasion and to detergents used in cleaning. Creates a perfectly waterproof film, unassailable by oils and greasy. Resistant to hot water (50°C max).

Two-component, transparent, colorless epoxy resin for finishings at high-solid, self-leveling. In every pack there is an instruction booklet.

Pack of:

- 0.250 LT for +/- 2.50 sq.m.

- 0.500 LT for +/- 5 sq.m.

€ 32,03

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Where it can be used:


  • on raw wood; with only two layers, 1st for impregnation and the 2nd with calibrator roller, you will obtain a lacquer effect as if you have applied 5 or 6 coats of paint;
  • on metal structures when you want to see brushed or smooth iron effect;

After the application of SottoSopra Colore per Interni (colors for interiors):

  • on every bathroom fixture to get them back to their grandeur or simply to obtain a tendency color;
  • on bathroom walls, shower cabin, kitchen and workshops;
  • kitchen cabinets, appliances;
  • on polystyrene models to increase surface hardness;