PAVIMENTI INTERNI - Matt Resin - 0.750L - 2L

New product

It creates a perfectly waterproof and unassailable film. Offer an high resistance to abrasion. Of easy manteinance, it can be cleaned with common cleaners and revived with metal waxes.

SottoSopra Pavimenti interni (Interior Floors) is a water-based, polyurethanic, two-component colorless and UV resistant resin for finishes. In every pack there is an instruction booklet.

Pack of:

- 0.750 LT for +/- 7.50 sq.m.

- 2 LT for +/- 20 sq.m.


€ 79,42

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Where it can be used


  • on raw, even if not valuable wood, as impregnation and finish. Is recommended to sand the surface before and between the two coats.