PARETI MOBILI PAVIMENTI - matt resin 250ml - 750ml

New product

Creates a film without joints. Your walls will be easy to clean with common cleaners avoiding unaesthetic black joints.
On the walls of the showers, in the kitchen, workshops, as a replacement of the tiles, is advisable to apply a 2nd layer.

SottoSopra Pareti e Mobili is a water based, two-component epoxy resin for finishes.
In colorless versions: glossy, satin and matt.

In pack of:

- 0.250 LT for +/- 2.50 sq.m.

- 0.750 LT for +/- 7.5 sq.m.

€ 28,83


€ 32,03

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Where it can be applied directly:

  • As impregnation and finishing on raw wood, even if it's not valuable;
  • On wood furnishings already painted to restore their naural look and protect them from dirty spots;
  • On acrylic mural paintings, applied at least for one week, to make them perfectly water-repellent and washable, also with cleaners and detergents.

After the application of SottoSopra Colore per Interni (Color for interiors):

  • on tiled walls: bathrooms, showers, kitchen;
  • on plastered walls: bathrooms, box;
  • shower, kitchen, workshops and every substitute of tiles, we suggest to apply a 2nd layer;
  • on kitchen cabinets, appliances;
  • on polystyrene models, to increase surface hardness.