SHADÉ S metallic finish 3L

New product

A mix between smooth and rough that can offer contrasts and play of light unique in their genre. Aviable in 3 bases gold, silver and aluminium. Mixing with Tinters you can get personalized furnishing colors of great effect.

APPLICATION - Every interior surface in plaster or parget.

COLOR - SHADÉ S is aviable in 3 base colors: Gold, silver and aluminium. the requested shade is obtained mixing the base with Adicolor Tinters (from DT01 to DT23 / from DTX01 to DTX08) and mixing carefully before the application in the suggested doses from the color folder

YIELD FOR COAT - 6 - 8 Sq.m./L

Amounts of Tinters in the color folder refer to 0.750L pack, for 3L multiply by 4


- DT01: 1/3 tinter for 0.750L = 1,33 tinter x 3L

- DT02: 1 tinter for 0.750L = 4 tinter x 3



€ 81,70