SHADÉ L smooth finishing 3L

New product

Shadè L, decorative paint of great effect, in smooth version is aviable in Aluminium base, the required tone is obtained by adding to the base the specific Tinters ( DT22, DT09, DT02, DT01, DTX01, DT20, DT19, DT14, DT21, DT15, DT05, DT16, DTX03, DT08, DTX05, DT23, DTX02, DT11, DT18, DTX08, DTX06, DT12, DT13, DTX07, DTX04) and mixing carefully before the application in the measures suggested in the color folder

APPLICATION: Every interior surface in plaster and parget.

YIELD FOR COAT: 10 - 12 sq.m./LT

Pack of 3L

The amounts of Tinter suggested in the color folder, are referred to the 0.750L pack, for 3L multiply by 4


- DT22: 1/3 tinter x 0.750L = 1,33 tinter x 3L

- DT09: 1 tinter x 0.750L = 4 tinter x 3L

- DT01: 2/3 tinter x 0.750L =  2,66 tinter x 3L    

- DTX01: 1/6 tinter x 0.750L = 0,66 tinter x 3L     


€ 81,70