Glittery Paint Pastel Tints 1L

New product

 Decorative Glittery Paint

SPLENDIDA is an high quality radiant decorative painting enriched with ultra-small glitters that reflects light. Washable and ready to use.

COLOR PREPARATION: the requested tone is obtained by mixing the specified base with Tinters (DTX05, DTX06, DT01, DT02, DT03, DT04, DT05, DT06, DT07, DT08, DT09, DT10, DT11, DT12, DT13, DT14, DT15, DT16, DT17, DT18, DT19, DT20, DT21, DT22, DT23, DT24)


  • 1 Tinter in 1 Lt of white base
  • 2 Tinter in 2 Lt of white base
  • Yeld for each layer: 11 - 12 sq.m./lt.

EX: To obtain the glittery paint DTX05 (see below), add to cart white base and subsequently the choosen Tinter DTX05 from the color folder

€ 19,40