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Idrep Eco is an universal ecological waterproofer, capable of waterproofing all building materials, wood and fabrics. The product don't form any films, and, if applied correctly, does not change the exterior aspect of the treated materials.Idrep Eco is water-based and don't contain any solvents, where by is odorless, harmless for man and the environment,...

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Chemical Roadmaster Italia has created Aura Eco, a water-based protective capable of preventing the penetration in terracotta floor of water, oils, greasy and dirt. Aura Eco don't allow the formation of stains and rings on tiles, preserving their beauty during time. The treatment with Aura Eco doesn't form any film, and, if applied correctly, doesn't...

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Nepal Eco Ecologic, is conceived to delete water inflitrations and waterproofing terraces, balconies, and all surafces which presents microporosity or micro-cracks. The product is water-based and doesn't contain solvents, so it's not flammable, odorless and harmless for man and the environment. So it can be used in closed rooms without ventilation. Pack...

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Silipav Eco C is solvent-based with oil additives and silicone oils, made to protect and waterproofing surfaces like: Terracotta Natural stones Untreated wood Silipav penetrates in the porosity of the material, creating a waterproof barrage able to prevent the absorption of water and dirt. The product also give a beautiful "wet effect" at the flooring and...

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Silicone-based protector with resins, indicated for protection of natural stones and concrete from atmospheric agents and washout, avoiding chalking, leaving it untouched in color and aspect; it also makes it completely mold resistant.

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