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Vertigo Effect Kit of stainless steel combs for wall decorations.Every kit includes 4 measuresAviable measures: 30 - 55 - 80 - 110 mm.

€ 8,54

Polyurethane foam adhesive It is ideal for the installation of ground blocks, fixing wall panels, steps, doorsteps and windowsills. The product provides many advantages: rapid, clean and effortless installation (no heavy bags, tools, water and energy, dust and dirt); it reduces application time, eliminates thermal bridges while offering high bonding...

€ 10,30

PROMOTION 75 MT for 1 MT  at € 53.40 (in 3 practical rolls of 25MT each) Anti-dust cloth with polyethilene antislip membrane. Protects delicate surfaces during decorations, restaurations and painting.

€ 53,40
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