Vernici Aerosol 

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Colorless varnish to be used sparingly to fix and protect drawings, pastels, tempera paintings. Keep the can in a vertical position, spraying in quick movements, at a distance of about 30 cm from the drawing.  Consisting of ketonic resin 6%, petroleum distillates 58%, castor oil 1%, LPG propellant 35% and UV filter. Package: 400ml.

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Colorless varnish producing a very resistant film. It is used to varnish thoroughly dry oil paintings, acrylics, etc.  Consists of Ketonic resin 16%, Petroleum distillates 49%, LPG propellant 35% and UV filter.  Package: 400ml

€ 14,21

Universal, colorless protective varnish. Invisible when sprayed in a thin coat. It is used to fix and protect documents, drawings, watercolors, prints, gouache and oil paintings. It dries fast.  Consisting of acrylic resin 9%, petroleum distillates 41%, LPG propellant 50% and UV filter. Package: 400ml.

€ 14,21
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