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It consists of Damar resin (40%), essence of turpentine and alcohols. The final varnish is natural and traditional. It tends to turn yellow. The normal amber color and the possibility of light sediment do not compromise the final result. It imparts greater brightness and shine to paintings. 75ml package

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Composed of natural Chios mastic resin (31%) and essence of turpentine. Very fine natural varnish of ancient tradition. It is very flexible and elastic, giving the painting a particular brightness. It tends to yellow in time. Reversible product.  Package: 75ml.

€ 29,68

It consists of urethane oil, alkyd resin (56%), white spirit and drying agents. An amber-colored oily varnish which gives the painting an antique look. It is used as an undercoat for the picture cracking finish. It yellows in time.  Package: 75ml.

€ 8,25

It is made up of starch, dextrin, water, antiferments. Amber-colored solution ready for use.  Apply with a brush on surfaces treated with antiquing varnish. Once you have obtained and blackened the cracks, apply a final coat of antiquing varnish. The environmental conditions of temperature and humidity determine the size of the cracks. 75ml package.

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