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It consists of urethane oil, alkyd resin (56%), white spirit and drying agents. An amber-colored oily varnish which gives the painting an antique look. It is used as an undercoat for the picture cracking finish. It yellows in time.  Package: 75ml.

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It is made up of starch, dextrin, water, antiferments. Amber-colored solution ready for use.  Apply with a brush on surfaces treated with antiquing varnish. Once you have obtained and blackened the cracks, apply a final coat of antiquing varnish. The environmental conditions of temperature and humidity determine the size of the cracks. 75ml package.

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It is composed of Chios mastic resin and ketonic resin (10%), ethyl acetate alcohol and plasticiser. A clear fluid to protect drawings and increase the medium adhesion to the surface. Spray with quick movements. Keep the container well closed. 75ml package 

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Composed of natural rubber latex, ammonia, and water, this milky fluid masks is applied with a brush to surfaces that are later to be painted. Drying, the latex creates an elastic film which is even water-resistant and easily removable. Clean the brush with ammonia immediately after use. 75 ml package 

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It is composed of acrylic resin in aqueous emulsion, stabilizers, retarders, and thickeners in form of a milky gel that reduces the drying time of acrylic colors, increasing their brightness slightly. It does not change the viscosity. It is not advisable to use too much of it. 75ml package 

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