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Proto – polymeric modeling dough For artists and hobbyists. If left in the oven at 130 degrees for about 15-30 minutes it hardens. It can be painted with ink, acrylic paint, glitter, etc... It is softer, can be mixed with Fimo, Cernit or another and it is gluten-free COLOR CHART  The colors are indicative and may not be accurate to the original due...

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La sabbia cinetica è uno degli ultimi giochi inventati, composta dal 98% di sabbia, fa si che modellandola si creino bellissimi effetti cinetici. Kinetics sand is one of the last game invented, made out of 98% of sand, allow to obtain 

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DAS IDEA MIX is a mineral based selfhardening paste, glutineless and washable from hand and clothes.Its formula, dermatologically tested, is compatible with White and Terracotta DAS and allow to create beautiful marble veins.DAS IDEA MIX is aviable in 6 colors, all mixable to each other and with White and Terracotta DAS. It is a 100g loaf, inserted in a...

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