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CANSON KRAFT ALBUMS They are albums containing kraft paper suitable for pencil, charcoal, and any other dry technique. It’s real fine art paper, acid-free and without Optical Brightening Agents, as opposed to many other products on the market. Album of 60 microperforated sheets

€ 9,30

It consists of pure, white, 90 gsm lightweight paper which is acid-free and very voluminous. It is ideal for drawing and quick sketches.

€ 10,00

It is a medium-grain support, ideal for pure or mixed techniques based on watercolor, gouache, acrylic.

€ 9,70

Consists of lightweight 90 gsm ivory paper. It is acid-free, very voluminous and ideal for quick sketches.

€ 9,25

Albums of 30 sheets with 300 gsm paper designed specifically for students and suitable for watercolor and all wet techniques. The paper is acid-free and fine-grained. The particular composition of the surface allows the easy removal of excess water.

€ 9,00

160 gsm drawing paper which can be used with any technique: pencil, pastel, charcoal, pen and so on. Its surface ensures easy erasures and an exceptional rendering of the works. The paper is fine-grained, neither too smooth nor too pronounced. The albums consist of 50 micro-perforated sheets which are versatile and inexpensive.

€ 9,00

Realized with a deep black paper, is ideal for every work in which you want stand out the contrast.It is suitable for intensive works, as for simple sketches or drawings.The smooth side is perfect for brush and marker, while the rough one is for pencil and pastel.

€ 9,70

It consists of ultra-white paper, extra smooth with a satin finish. It is very resistant to repeated erasures and corrections, perfect for pencil, pen, tubular tip, felt-tip pen, airbrush and any techniques which require a smooth surface and precise strokes. It consists of 60 sheets and is great value for money.

€ 7,95

Mould-made paper with 50% cotton. The en masse and surface sizing make this paper excellent for all wet painting techniques. It is ideal for watercolor, tempera and acrylic. Coarse-Grained - 20 sheets -  300gr/sqm. Available in sizes: 25x36 cm and 36x50 cm.

€ 21,50

Daler Rowney The Langton Prestige  Langton Prestige is a superior-quality watercolor paper manufactured using 100% cotton. Made traditionally on a cylinder mould machine. The paper features a natural whiteness with a soft texture. Acid-free, with an alkali reserve to protect against discoloration. Gelatinised surface for strength and resilience. It...

€ 12,40
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