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An antifouling paint characterized by an elastic matrix, it is recommended for inflatable boats. It has an excellent antifouling power. It is suitable for painting neoprene supports, rubber fabric, PVC and Hypalon. Excellent flexibility and adhesion. Colors available: white and grey. The colors are indicative and may not be true to the original due to...

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Antifouling with Teflon is ideal for racing boats and fast motor boats because it gives the hull an extremely smooth and streamlined surface, significantly reducing friction compared with the use of traditional antifouling products. Less friction means higher speed performance and this is a potential advantage during a competition.It dries quickly...

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High-powered antifouling that produces a hard finish, low thickness, specifically formulated for high performance boats, both sailing and motorboats. Its unique dilatation properties ensure a homogeneous surface, extraordinarily smooth, without needing to be sanded. It contains Teflon® for maximum speed performance. Graphite. Package: 750ml.

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Trilux 33 is a high performance slow-polishing antifouling which helps to avoid seasonal paint build-up, whilst providing effective fouling protection for up to 18 months.  It is suitable for aluminum hulls, as well as for all surfaces that require an antifouling with bright colors. Enrichment with Teflon allows you to obtain a smooth and slippery surface...

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90S160 Diluent for Chlorinated rubber and Antifouling for marine applications

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